10 Fun Games To Play On Zoom For Your Next Virtual Team Bonding Or Catchup With Friends!

Card games, board games, these traditional games can be played online too

Zoom has fast become our best friend for connecting with our coworkers or friends virtually, in the time of a pandemic-striken world. (Or endemic, hopefully.) What were once group hangouts at outdoor activities like karaoke, bowling, hikes etc, have turned into remote calls over video chat options like Zoom, Skype and Google Meets. 

There's no saying that these virtual calls can't be as fun, or even more fun than outdoor activities though. Especially for the homebodies out there! Need some inspiration on what are some of the games you can play online? We've got you covered.

Here's a list of a whole range of card games, board games, party games, and digital games that you can play over Zoom at your next bonding session:

1. Case of Feelings - Friends Edition

This card game contains 100+ question and activity cards that can help you get to know your coworkers or friends better, even if you 'think' you already know them well. Get the person who has the cards to read the questions out loud over your Zoom call, and take turns to answer it. Action cards can be pre-assigned Zoom emojis which anyone can choose to display to perform that action.

You can find the link to purchase here

2. Gartic

The gist of the game is to draw, guess, and win. You can choose to create a private room for your coworkers or friends to join. Players take turns to draw a picture based on the two choices offered to them, and the other players have to guess the word that they are drawing. Fastest fingers get more points!

You can find the link to play here.

3. Undercover

The game has 3 characters - citizens, The Undercover, and Mr White. Citizens are given a word, The Undercover is given a similar word, and Mr White is given no word. Players have to go 1 round to describe the given word, and at the end of each round, try to pinpoint who is The Undercover or Mr White. This is a game of wit that's gonna leave everyone second-guessing each other.

You can find the link to play here.

4. Catan Online

Colonist.io is a online replica of the popular resource trading board game Catan. It even features a online chatbot where you can communicate with the other players in-game. With both public and private rooms, you can be sure to have a wacky night trying to be the first to reach 10 victory points.

You can play the game here

5. Taboo

Divide your Zoom party into two teams, take turns sharing screens, and pinpoint someone to give hints in each round. This person has to avoid the taboo words in the list while trying to describe the given word. Try your best to get your point across without saying the taboo words!

You can play the game here.

6. Kahoot

While some preparatory work has to be done beforehand to set up the quiz, this game uses a combination of speed and knowledge to pit participants against one another in a quiz format. Get the highest score to rank on the leaderboard!

You can check it out here.

7. Gather Town

Recreate the real life experience by creating your very own virtual landscape with different 'rooms' in one town. You can set up a amazing race of sorts, but all done virtually of course. The cute avatars are an upside too.

You can check it out here.

8. Codenames

Designed for small teams of 4-8 players, two teams compete by having a 'spymaster' give clues that point to certain words on the board. Teams have to try to guess their team's words, while avoiding the other team's words.

You can play it online here.

9. Trial by Trolley

A game of dark humour and moral dilemma that got famous on Kickstarter, raising over 3 million dollars in crowdfunding. There's now an online version!

You can play it here.

10. GeoGuessr

You're placed somewhere on Google Maps and you have to figure out where you are. Bonus: helps to improve everyone's geographical skills!

You can play it here.


Happy playing!

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