Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]
Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]
Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]
Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]
Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]

Friends Edition [RESTOCKING IN NOV]

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Case of Feelings is an honest card game that aims to drive deeper connections with you and your loved ones. Our 'FOR FRIENDS' edition has 150 cards in the deck consisting of various question, activity and transparent quote cards.

Gather your friends, find a quiet space, and get ready to dig deeper.


  • 90 question cards
  • 6 wild question cards
  • 6 activity cards
  • 36 action cards
  • 9 transparent quote cards
  • Game booklet

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Guided reflection that affords boundaries :)

My partner and I are very open with our thoughts and have regular heart-to-heart conversations, but we still learned new stuff about each other with these conversation cards! (This set of cards is the Friends Edition, but we still enjoyed it very much :) )

We like that these cards can guide you to be more introspective and vulnerable in a safe space (though this is based on who you decide to play the cards with) and that boundaries are in-built in the game – you can choose to not disclose your answer to a question if you really don't wish to – which we found nice to have.

So if you're keen on some guided reflection which you could embark on with a partner/friend(s), this might be something you'd like to check out! :)

Siti Basri

The card really make me and my friend say something that we never thought we would

Alycia Chee

Friends Edition

nur fatin
Case of Feelings

Hi!! I overall love the concept and the questions that you included in the pack. The transparent quote cards was also a great idea! I got to give it to my friends for keepsake hehe :) I had a lot of fun getting to know more about my friends and acquaintances. There are room for improvement though!

1) The packaging made it hard to take out the cards. It would have been better if there was a slide out tag or a bag instead of dividers for each stages' card.
2) The wildcard was a littleee bit confusing. I wasn't sure if the player that picked the card was suppose to ask the other players, or the other players was suppose to ask the player a question. There was a bit of confusion there!
3) Same goes for the instructions for distribution of action cards. I wish that there was a video on how to play the game on your IG page!

But overall it's such a wholesome card game! Love the material of the packaging, the material of it, the number of questions included. Worth every penny! Good job to the team behind this!! Yall did great <3

Corinne Kok
Great conversation starters

Bear in mind we played this with people whom we're already very close to but despite already having that relationship with one another, we still somehow managed to understand each other on a deeper level. It was a great way to check in too! Sometimes we only feel the need to share big stories and neglect the small ones. Surprisingly, the small ones seem to leave a lasting impact as well. Thank you for the opportunity!