Our Story

Dear reader,

This is my personal story.

Case of Feelings was an idea sparked in a year of turbulence - covid-19 had just hit the shores, lockdowns began around the world, broke off from a long term relationship, adjusted to working from home indefinitely... the list went on.

I had spent much of my free time in previous years simply living day by day, conforming to societal norms and not really manifesting my ideal self. It took that weird period of life for me to come to a realisation that that was simply not the life I wanted.

Behind all the chaos of 2020 saw me having a lot more alone time to re-evaluate about the quality of the relationships I had with the people around me, and learning to discover who I really was deep down as well.

The more I dug deeper, the stronger the burning idea at the back of my mind - to create a card game that not only helped to connect people in a fun manner, as do most games, but also in a way that touched the deepest corners of our hearts. 

I didn't want to create a game with generic questions, but rather personalised ones based on the different types of relationships we have - be it with friends, families, our partner, and even with ourselves. 

And so the journey began, and we launched with the friends series first in June 2021. It's still very early on in the journey to tell what the future holds, but for now I'm just incredibly glad to have started this game and to be able to share it with you guys from around the world. 

Lastly, always open to hearing feedback or listening to any worries you guys have - my email or DMs are open :) 

Creator, Case of Feelings

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