Play Guide

1. Find a quiet spot to sit down with your friends/partner.

Our customers have tagged us in photos of them playing the game on picnics, at the beach, at a friend's house, staycations etc. The setting is entirely up to you, but we recommend it to be played in a environment that allows for conversational talks to take place.

2. Distribute the action cards.

Each player should receive 6 action cards in total: 3 'NOT TODAY' cards and 3 'TRUTH/DARE' cards. Within the 3, 1 should be from each stage (see stage indicator on top left).
(For friends) Once all action cards have been distributed, set the remaining ones aside, if any.

3. Shuffle the cards from each stage.

Shuffle the cards from each stage, but do not mix them together. Starting from Stage 1, take turns to draw cards randomly.

The order of play is as follows: Stage 1 > Stage 2 > Stage 3

4. Answer the question / carry out the activity on the card.

Based on the question/activity written on the card, ALL players must go one round to share their honest answers or carry out the activity. You may choose to appoint someone to draw the cards, or have each player take turns to pick it.

5. Action cards can be used anytime, but cannot be replayed.

Each player may only use the corresponding action card for each stage.

i.e. If you are playing Stage 1 now, only the action card with the Stage 1 indicator can be used. Once played, it is considered 'used' and the player cannot take it back. 


That is all! Each card deck has a physical mini rule book included as well. If you have further questions about the game, please contact us at and we will try our best to answer your questions.