Let's Talk: Anxiety

(dedicated to a loved one of mine.)

As I grow older and take on more responsibilities, both in work and personal life, I find myself facing more and more stressful situations that I sometimes have no control over.

And that’s where the feeling of anxiety comes in.

Anxiety to me feels like a dreaded feeling that can’t quite seem to go away unless the worry at hand is resolved or relieved.

I can busy myself with things, but it comes in the occasional pockets of time where my mind finds itself drifting back to the worry subconsciously.

Sometimes, it can even affect my physical self, in ways such as finding it hard to concentrate on tasks or difficulty sleeping.

It’s annoying for sure, but I’ve found ways that help to reduce such feelings on my own: 

1. Face it

Instead of avoiding, face the worry I have head on. How can I solve or make the situation better? Don’t think about the what-ifs, know that ups and downs are part and parcel of life and this is only temporary in the grand scheme of things.

2. Focus on what I can change

This is related to the previous point - by focusing on things I can change rather than things that are beyond my control, I feel more hopeful and empowered to change my situation for the better.

3. Take deep breaths

Deep breathing is a practice that allows more air to flow into the body and helps to calm my nerves down. It doesn't provide instant relief, but it helps to reduce stress and anxiety in a short amount of time.

4. Rant to someone

Honestly for me, it's hard to take the first step to pour out my worries to someone, but I've always felt so much more relieved after doing so and hearing their advice / reassurance. Of course, finding the right person to rant to is key as well!

5. Engage in a feel-good activity

Doing something that I know will make me feel better helps a lot in uplifting my mood and feeling optimistic. Things like playing with my dog, taking a walk, watching a comedy are just some ways I destress!

These are just some ways that work for me, but you might have your own too! Would love to hear any other tips you guys have. 

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